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Have you noticed the inclusiveness of this pandemic? There is not a part of our world that is void of suffering today. Yesterday we received word that a dear friend’s daughter (a missionary in Peru) had just lost her father-in-law, there in Peru, to the COVID-19 virus. Amazing how a virus has made us all aware of our vulnerability and our inabilities. Whether we are a “super-power” or a “third-world” country, it doesn’t make a difference. We are all infected and affected by this insidious disease. We are all in this together. We are hurting, we are fearful, we are filled with questions and doubts. What are we to do? We do what must be done. Scientists, doctors, nurses, hospital and clinic staff, first-responders, nursing home workers, pastors, teachers, funeral directors, compassionate ministries such as food pantries and soup kitchens… and the list goes on, are all doing what must…

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